Haul Your Goods, Down Road Or Trail

Backpacking: We have a great selection of packs! Our packs vary in purpose and functionality from heading to class or up the mountain.  Our team helps customers find a backpack, personally fit them with the proper size, and give them confidence that the pack will serve them on their desired adventures by highlighting pack features, and intended usage.  Packs are like boots, you could buy the fanciest, most expensive one, and it might not fit you at all…please come in to be measured, and fit for the perfect pack.

Travel: When trotting the globe, often a travel specific pack can be the best choice for both checking on to the airplane, and accessing your goods from the comfort of a hostel. We offer a variety of both rolling and non-rolling packs for the urban adventurer in us all.

Daypacks: Mountain Sports offers the best selection of small packs for work, school, day hiking, running or biking.  Whether they are laptop compatible, or hydration ready, our daypacks are hand picked for a wide variety of pursuits both urban and outdoor.