Climbing Gear

Goods For The Vertical World

If you find yourself on the side of a cliff, or on top of a ridge, without the proper gear, come down and take a look at our technical climbing equipment.

Rock Climbing: we carry everything you need to get from the gym to the crag with ease.  If you are a beginning climber or a seasoned expert, our staff can help you gear up and get out.  We have static and dynamic ropes, harnesses, carabiners, cams, rappelling equipment, ascenders, rock shoes, chalk bags, helmets, as well as bulk cordage and webbing.

Mountaineering: for the alpine enthusiast, we offer a selection of crampons, ice axes, harnesses, helmets, shovels, and other avalanche safety gear.  Headed up Shasta?  Be sure to check our Rental Department for great prices on basic mountaineering gear for your next trip.