Cooking Gear

Culinary Tools For The Campsite Gourmet

For those of you that don’t like eating raw grubs from the forest floor, we stock everything you need to cook and eat like a king in the wilderness. Whether you just need to boil water for freeze dried food, or get down and dirty with your back country cuisine, we have the stoves, cookware, and the best selection of sporks in Northern California!



Stoves: we offer lightweight cook-stoves from the half ounce solid-fuel burners, to liquid fuel stoves that will burn anything from white gas to diesel.  Depending on your style of cooking, we can help you find the right cook stove for any conditions.



Cookware: we carry everything from solo sets to multi piece group cooking systems.  Whether you want the lightest Titanium cookset, the durable stainless steel, or the versatile anodized aluminum, our selection is sure to fit your culinary needs.

Kitchen Bits: our selection of table wares covers everything from miniature pepper grinders to collapsible kitchen sinks!  Whether you are eating out of a bag of Mountain House, or rolling your own back country sushi, we can help you make the most of your camp kitchen.

Freeze Dried Food: come check out our variety of Mountain House meals to make your next trip satisfying, and dish free!