Wilderness Gadgets And Outdoor Gizmos

Lighting: We are proud to stock the best selection of headlamps around.  With the latest in LED technology, our lighting products are sure to help you find your way down a dark trail, or win that game of Gin at your next camp-out.

Cutlery: Mountain Sports has a great selection of knives and multi-tools for every type of outdoor enthusiast.  We carry Leatherman, Swiss Army, Gerber, CRKT, Kershaw, and Baladeo brand knives.

Travel Goods: going hostel tripping through Europe?  We have a wide array of travel organizers, toiletry kits, travel bottles and canisters, passport/money holders, wallets, purses, camera cases, and travel plug adapters. As well as many more items you might need for your next adventure.

First Aid: cuts, blisters, stings, scrapes, and breaks, are all common injuries amongst outdoor travelers. We gladly sell products from Adventure Medical Kits to help solve these problems with ease, and safety. 

Insect Protection: Mountain Sports has a great selection of lightweight solutions for protecting you from the creepy crawlies wherever you are.  We offer different concentrations and applications of DEET, as well as more natural alternatives.  Going somewhere particularly buggy?  We have mosquito nets in various shapes and sizes to help you ensure you get home without an insect-borne disease such as Malaria. We also have bug proof clothing, as well as Permetherin sprays to treat your clothing and gear.

Sunglasses: We have a small, but concise selection of sunglasses for everyday use, as well as high mountain glacier travel. Our main brands are Suncloud and Julbo.  We also have sunglass retainers, just in case you don’t feel like losing your favorite pair of shades.

Hammocks: like to lounge a bit after a twelve mile hike? Hammocks are a great way to relax your muscles and enjoy the mountain air without a rock poking your butt. We carry hammocks from Eagles Nest Outfitters, Hennessy Hammocks, and Grand Trunk.  Mountain Sports also has a variety of lightweight shelter tarps for creating the perfect aerial shelter for your next outing.

Trekking Poles: lets face it, four legs are better than two. The popularity of using trekking poles has skyrocketed in recent years, due to the fact that they absorb many thousands of pounds a day while hiking.  We are proud to have poles from Leki, Black Diamond, and Helinox.

Compasses: when your GPS unit fails, the sun goes down, and you find yourself disoriented, a compass will be your best friend in the wilderness. We stock compasses and instruments from Silva and Brunton.

Hydration: whether you are a bottle person or prefer a hydration bladder, we offer many styles of both.  Mountain Sports has a great selection of Klean Kanteens, Nalgene, and Camelbak bottles, as well as hydration bladders from Osprey, Camelbak, Platypus, and MSR.  We also have bottles with built in filters for those who want to simplify their purification system.  Drinking something other than water? We also have lightweight flasks!

Optics: sometimes its nice to see if it is a bear or a rock across the meadow from you, for that we have some great lightweight optical solutions. We have binoculars and monoculars from Nikon, Brunton, and Celestron.

Bathing: feeling dirty? We have a great selection of biodegradable soaps, microfiber towels, and portable showers to help you get squeaky clean on your next trip. Come on down and get your very own back country bathroom set up.

Food: Come on down and stock your pack with lightweight, delicious meals from Mountain House to satisfy your campsite cravings!

Stuff Sacks: We carry a huge range of stuff sacks, from small ditty bags, to larger dry bags and everything in between.