Sleep Systems

We Offer The Best In Back Country Beds

Sleeping Bags: Choosing the right sleeping bag can sometimes be a difficult task, but with our expert staff and wide selection, we are sure to get you into the right bag.  We have goose down and synthetic fill bags in various shapes, sizes, and temperature ranges. 

Sleeping Pads: We have a wide variety of mattresses for the ultralight backpacker and the family car camper alike.  A sleeping pad not only gives you padding, but has a lot to do with how warm you will be at night.  Come on down and lay on a few pads before you choose the right one for your needs.

Tents: Whether you are posting up at a campground with the family or venturing deep into the Yosemite back country, we have the tent you need.  From two pound, one man tents to giant six person tents, we have a great range of quality shelters to keep you dry and comfortable on your next trip.

Bivy Sacs: Not just for the minimalist backpacker or alpine climber, a bivouac sac can be a great way to save some weight, keep your bag dry, or add a few degrees to your sleeping bag. We carry a few different models to suit anyone’s needs.

Bag Liners:  Is your bag too cold, or too clammy?  A sleeping bag liner is the best way to increase the comfort level of your sleeping bag by increasing warmth, wicking sweat, or by simply getting the slick nylon from the inside of your sleeping bag from off your skin.