Water Treatment

For Safe Water Anywhere

No matter where you are, clean water is the most important part of safe travel.  Water-borne pathogens exist in several forms all over the world, from viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, hence why we specialize in many different ways to obtain a clean drink.

Water Filters:  Whether you choose a pump, gravity filter, or filtration bottle, our selection of water filters will provide you with the fastest way to treat your water possible, up to three liters per minute.  These microfilters will remove bacterial, and protozoan pathogens from the water, however, they will NOT remove viruses, as they are too small to be filtered out.  We carry filters from MSR, Katadyn, and Aquamira.

Chemical Treatments:  Iodine or Chlorine based chemical treatments are the lightest and cheapest way to treat water, however they take the longest to produce a clean drink. Some protozoa take up to four hours to kill chemically, when a filter will remove them in a matter of seconds.  We carry Potable Aqua, Aquamira, as well as Micropur. Sometimes people use these chemicals to treat water for viruses AFTER filtering, as viruses can be easily killed chemically.

UV Light Sterilization:  The new kid on the block, Steripen UV light sterilizers are often the preferred choice of world travelers, ultralight backpackers, and day hikers needing fresh water in a matter of seconds.  These “James Bond-esque” units will treat 16 ounces of water in 48 seconds, a liter in 90, and will scramble the DNA in any microorganism so they cannot reproduce and harm you, even if injested.