If The Shoe Fits…

We are often asked what the best shoe on our wall is.  The invariable answer given is “the one that fits your foot the best.” Everybody’s foot is different, so a custom fitting session is the best way to find the “best” shoe for your needs.

Hiking Shoes: Mountain Sports is a great place to come and get shoes or boots for nearly any outdoor adventure, whether you are trail walking, or bushwhacking through the Sierra back country. 

Casual Shoes: For more urban adventures, our selection of footwear for everyday use is sure to please your feet.  On sidewalks or office floors, these shoes will give you the comfort you need, without looking like you just crawled out of the woods. 


Minimalist Shoes: The latest trend in modern footwear is actually kind of a step backwards in the evolution of the shoe.  This category of shoes is designed purely for protection, while not providing much support.  The theory is such that barefoot motion, a more natural one, will allow your body to do what it was born to do, without the aid of arch support.  Come see the latest from Vibram Five Fingers, and Merrell Barefoot.

Sport Sandals: Summer in California can be a brutal season, and hot sweaty feet can equate to blisters on your next hike, hence the advent of the modern sport sandal.  We carry open toed and closed toed sandals from Keen, Chaco, and Teva.  Many of these are designed for water use, some for land, but all are sure to let your feet breathe more than any shoe.