Outer Layers

Waterproof Shells: Staying dry in the outdoors is one of the keys to staying warm and comfortable in the outdoors, and a lightweight shell layer is the way to make that happen.  We carry waterproof/breathable jackets and pants for the entry-level user, and the seasoned backcountry professional. One thing to keep in mind when shopping this category is your intended activity level in the garment.  As the price goes up in waterproof jackets, so does the breathability.  If you are exceeding the breathability of your jacket while active, sweat will build up on the inside of the garment and feel like it is leaking, when in reality it is your own moisture condensing.

Soft-Shell Clothing: A relatively new category in the outdoor industry that aims to provide adequate weather protection without sacrificing breathability.  If it is not pouring rain outside, and you need to get from point A to point B, soft-shell fabrics can be several times more breathable than the most breathable hard-shells.  They are typically woven with a small percentage of Lycra for stretch and mobility, and block most of the wind, only allowing enough to cool down your core.